Itaru Sawaki 

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Last updated on 2016/09/01


1. Address

Resides 5-15-14-1301, Higashi-ooi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan 140-0011
Phone Number +81 (0)3-6433-9696
Mobile Phone Number +81 (0)90-8716-6741


2. Education

1980-1982 Graduate School, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Master of Engineering (Ceramics)
1975-1980 Tokyo Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Engineering (Ceramics)


3. Qualifications

2008 2nd grade Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management
2006 P.E. Jp (Professional Engineer Japan) (Chemistry)
P.E. Jp (Professional Engineer Japan) (Engineering Management)
2003 Pollution Control Manager (Dioxin)
Pollution Control Manager (Class 1 Water)
1991 Class 1 Health Supervisor
1990 Pollution Control Manager (Class 1 Air)
1989 High Pressure Gas Production Safety Manager (Chemical)
1983 Hazardous Materials Officer


4. Membership

The Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan
Deputy Chair, Chemistry Division
Member, Social Contribution Committee
Board member of Consulting Center of Intellectual Property
The Chemical Society of Japan
The Ceramic Society of Japan
The Catalysis Society of Japan
Support Center for Management of Technology and Intellectual Property (MOT-IP)

5. Career History

2006 – Present Sawaki PE Jp. Office, Independent Consulting Engineer (Registered PE)
2007 – 2014 Shonan Institute of Technology, Part-time Lecturer
2003 – 2006 Sawaki Consulting Office, Independent Consulting Engineer (without registered PE)
1982 – 2003 Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
2001 – 2003 General Manager of Process No.2 Laboratory
Petrochemical Research Center
1996 – 2003 Group Manager of Fluidized-bed Catalyst Development Group,
Development and Engineering Research Center, Mizushima Plant
1992 – 1995 Group Leader of Heterogeneous Catalyst Research Group,
Chemical Laboratory, Yokohama Research Center
1982 – 1992 Research Scientist of Engineering Research Group,
Research and Development Department, Yokkaichi Plant


6. Specialty

Chemistry, Ceramics, Heterogeneous Catalyst, Powder Technology
Intellectual Property Management, Management of Technology